Dungeon Fighter Online: They are the graduation guards of the battle!

It has been exactly one month since the Dungeon and Warriors opened the 100-level version. I think in a month, many of the friends ’equipment has been almost formed, but there is one thing for the dark-faced friends. It is difficult to get together, that is the stone protection system of the Devil War launched in the last version of the New Year.

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The stone protection system is also relatively face-looking. The white-faced friends graduate one day, and the black-faced friends can't make their favorite and most suitable protection stone. So what are the best stone guards for the mad gamers, yes they are?

Bloodthirsty Warsong, strengthens the stone of the Blood Sword. Blood Sword is one of the main output skills of the mad war. The cooldown is short and the damage is high. Moreover, the bloodthirsty Warsong can give the Blood Sword a bonus of 28% and the range There are no side effects.

Furious Fury strengthens Crazy Slash, this is the CP with the highest percentage of enhancement in all the Crazy Stone Protection System, and the overall effect that can be brought to Crazy Slash is astonishing 46%, and reduces the cooling time and soften In addition to the mad cut in the connection of skills, it is one of the strongest CPs in the mad battle.
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