"nobody watches the preseason" is a completely meaningless comment.

Benefits come from good behavior, you shouldn't be on good behaviour for the added benefits. And I believe this is the case even for people too: if you need someone to act in a moral manner the Madden nfl 21 coins ideal way to do that is to give them the right incentives and rewards to create behaving morally the greatest and most attractive solution for them. If you don't then your society will be unstable.This is where I see that this argument breaking down. Corporations aren't people, they don't have any built-in moral instincts. If they behave morally, it is because they gain, there's not any other reason. Either because there's pressure from their employees to behave in a way consistent with the morals and beliefs of the employees, or outside pressure from consumers or authorities. After I see EA contribute to the causes or implement initiatives to help out black developers or items of that sort, then I will praise them. We just should demand a higher standard and stop allowing firms off the hook so easily.Madden NFL 21 Sees Strong First Week Unit Sales up Nearly 20 Percent Year-Over-Year

Not surprising when you're the sole licensed football game in a quarantined year which has delayed the season. The fans are starved of their preferred sport. The season isn't delayed it's still starting punctually, following Thursday. I understand some folks get up for this since they are desperate for soccer, but it is just so dull and doesnt tell you anything. I've seen groups go winless and win the superbowl, along with other teams crush preseason and have dreadful years. Let's not pretend like it's absolutely pointless while we have not had a negative record preseason team win the Superbowl in more than a decade, and in the past 50 decades only 1 team has gone winless in preseason and actually won the Superbowl (and just 3 in total have made the Superbowl).

Dont know why im downvoted either considering I literally work with the NFL broadcasting team and have all the numbers at my desk. There wasn't anything on your very first comment that triumphed that you'd"inside" knowledge. I know why you're being downvoted because some people literally do watch the preseason and you come off as smug. You're likely being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions don't really work on reddit. I have learned to stop commenting on things between my field of work since some snarky adolescent who does not have any clue what they are talking about is going to be upvoted from the hivemind who also has no clue what they're talking about.

"nobody watches the preseason" is a completely meaningless comment. People who say they're going to boycott are often people that never had any intention to purchase in the first location. Yep. Additionally, most of the time individuals who are current with the latest gaming controversies aren't exactly sports fans, which is the largest playerbase of sports games. I believe a lot of individuals forget about it. For a great deal of madden 2k etc. buyers that's gont be 1 of possibly 4 of 5 games they purchase that year they don't care for any controversy. Hell as buy Mut 21 coins a huge basketball and video game fan I know 2k is fucking me over but I really like basketball and play 2k religiously alone and with friends why would I not buy it lol.
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