PRAYER. Another tricky ability to farm for Ironman

After reaching level 55 of Magic, then you'll have the ability to RuneScape Mobile gold cast High Alchemy, that will be the most useful spell which you can use to monetize items which you don't need anymore. It applies primarily to leftovers from the Fletching training and drops that you gain from Slayer.
MINING. Generally, Mining training is comparable to an Ironman in routine methods of leveling yet the main distinction is you will have to spend an hour or two now and then on mining the resources like gems for Slayer bracelets or Volcanic Ash to get Ultracompost. It usually means you shouldn't move all of the way to 99 with traditional methods but spend time on farming things that you will need later on. As for pickaxes, you should not have some problem with getting new ones as most of them can be purchased in the NPC shop except for the Dragon one, which is the uncommon fall from some of those bosses. If you opt for mining gold ore You'll Get valuable resources for smithing training
PRAYER. Another tricky ability to farm for Ironman. Prayer skill requires a tremendous amount of bones or alternative experience income resources for efficient leveling. The majority of the players purchase them directly from Grand Exchange although not an Ironman. The very best way to start will probably be questing - just as with most of the abilities. Straightforward missions like The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Holy Grail, and Recruitment Drive will soon be there to take you through the basics of Prayer skill.
A trusted supply of Prayer experience income is located within Dragon Killing. Their bones grants considerable expertise and don't require very high stats. To kill Blue Dragons under the Taverley (in Taverley Dungeon) you will not need much funds at all since they can be killed from a safe place. If you want to do so, remember to cheap OSRS gold get it done with Magic since they are weak to this specific battle style.
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