Rocket League will become an Epic Games Store exclusive

This proposes that Rocket League Items will not, at this point be showcased on Steam when it arrives at the Epic Games Store. Be that as it may, the organization reveals to The Verge: "We keep on selling Rocket League on Steam and we have not declared designs to quit selling the game there ... long haul plans will be declared later on." 
Epic guarantees "uphold on Steam", yet I don't get that's meaning? She explains to Variety that patches, DLCs and all other Rocket League Trading content that arrive at the Epic Game Store will likewise show up on Steam for the individuals who effectively own the game. Recall that the game can likewise be bought on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, notwithstanding Windows, macOS and Linux. 
05:56 , 29-11-2020 Tarihinde

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