Blizzard's discussion of World Of Warcraft Classic

World Of Warcraft Classic wanted to do their best to restore the experience like Vanilla, so they took some ways to do this. They want to provide players with the same gaming experience as before.

In fact, it is very easy to achieve this, just show some original errors and faults like Vanilla. Blizzard will fix some of these issues after this happens, but most will keep them.

Blizzard wants to bring players back to Vanilla's experience as they promised. The players are very supportive of this. The reason it is well received by people is because retail servers do not have the same double-XP enhancements.

The chaos caused by this must involve Blizzard's intervention. This chaos is caused by the extra elemental damage of some weapons that is ignored by some players.

Weapons like those Iceblade Hacker, Caer Darrow's war blade and the Cheap WOW Classic Gold legendary Thunderfury, Windrunner's Blessing Blade are all in its disposal. Blizzard has publicly discussed the problematic bug in response to user reports.

Blizzard said that some of the additional damage caused by these weapons has been added to the damage caused and will not be reflected in the combat record in a separate form. This World of Warcraft Classic Gold damage is also called other physical damage.

If the battle log is blocked by an enemy with elemental shields, it will show damage. Although not so intuitive, even if it is technically called an error, it is still operating in the expected plan.Novice players will feel confused after entering the game, and may feel a little strenuous when facing the game "World of Warcraft", and those novice tutorials are not enough to change this situation. But I think WOW Classic Gold can help novice players to solve this problem. By obtaining WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, players can do a lot of things in the game.
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