So what then?

You are only looking at this from the"traveling" to EVE Echoes Items get deliveries/hauling perspective. What occurs when a sizable force wants to ruin your capsuleer outpost? Picture this. Offline travel functions exactly like you want it to. Should combat ships not be able to traveling offline? I ask because amassing 200-300 pvp cruisers is occurring at this time in null. So say that group wishes to burn your home system down. But if all it takes is to plot a path and log off, you don't have any way to stop a large force from penetrating your home and setting it ablaze. So what then? How can you suggest that possibility be fixed?

I meanit seems as if you're gonna have to fight them where they are to defend your system. You want to defend your own body more easily compared to people being able to travel more freely. In a cell game, it feels as though journey would be more significant than allowing groups of players to block off large portions of the map so only they can play there. It seems like without gate camping your corps will have to work harder and more actively to defend what you own, is that a terrible thing?

200 cruisers come to a house system and shoot off your construction - that's fine. You set up a timer for fix and also shape a fleet for a battle next time. No gatecamping needed for EVE Echoes ISK For Sale that.
06:18 , 21-11-2020 Tarihinde

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