The state of the World of Warcraft designer in the game

Chris Kaleiki, as a senior World of Warcraft game designer, published an explanation about his leaving Blizzard. He said that the main reason was his dissatisfaction with the current game state. Next week,World of Warcraft Shadowlands will be launched. The MMORPG player experience will have several major changes including exaggerated level compression, making the upgrade of the character more satisfactory and cohesive for each level.

The current version of World of Warcraft is very different from 2004, and there is almost no similarity. Recently, Blizzard found a solution when it released WoW Classic. For fans, they think World of Warcraft Classic is a very successful experiment. To stand out in the release version, you can better understand World of Warcraft and have fun in it.

Kaleiki has two examples here. He believes that guilds are an advantage in World of Warcraft that will gradually lose over time. Guilds allow players to live socially and join the Cheap WOW Classic Gold community. The game becomes more convenient for single players. He also clearly expressed his views in the video. He doesn't mean that the game World of Warcraft is bad, he also thinks the team behind the game is very talented. He thinks that there are indeed many players who like current games, but what he thinks is that there is a disconnect between the vision of modern games and his desire for MMORPG.

In general, this video is a good demonstration of the game designer's views on consumer gameplay, and then analyzes the type of decision-making for the success or failure of the game. This World of Warcraft Classic Gold observation of Kaleiki is very valuable, and the reason for leaving is also very good. It will be interesting if everyone can see where he landed after he left."World of Warcraft" is a game that players like to play. For those players who don't have time to upgrade, they can only play games during off-hours. So for them, the MMOWTS website can provide them with WOW Classic Gold that can purchase game equipment.
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