So sad to see Echoes turned into EVE online II

I'm very excited to EVE Mobile ISK announce that I'm officially releasing the EVE Echoes Industry Calculator! I am hoping that you find the sheet to be pretty self explanatory. All pricing advice for your sheet is pulled from the EVE Echoes Market site.

The majority of the helpful market information is handily situated on peak of the sheet. This includes the current market cost as well as calculations for feasibility of selling the component via the marketplace or direct contract. The calculator has the following features: Auto-calculation of component prices and estimated market profitability. Calculations take into account all player driven skills such as reprocessing skills, material efficiency, and skill based tax discounts.

Auto-calculation of ore numbers to mine for any part with 2 optimization schemes: Least level of mining (lowest total ore volume in m3). Cheapest ore cost on the market. To utilize the sheet simply change any of those outlined yellowish values and watch as the sheet updates to supply you with the optimal market particulars! You may experience occasional mistakes using the sheet if the EVE Echoes marketplace is not available to retrieve market data. Normally when this occurs you can simple wait a few minutes, refresh the sheet and alter a value to recalculate and get things working.

I hope that you find this extremely useful (and rewarding!). Please feel free to give me any comments you have in the comments. NOTE: I advise making a private copy of the sheet. Numerous people editing the sheet once will battle with one another and cause unexpected consequences.

UPDATE: I have created a new link to copy the spreadsheet. Individuals were able to make adjustments to my first link that broke the sheet. This will now create a personal copy for you once you navigate to it. It may take a moment for the calculations to work properly when you first load the sheet because cheap eve echoes isk scripts need time to load.
11:29 , 19-11-2020 Tarihinde

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