In Animal Crossing New Horizons fall marks the adven

Leaves and grass begin to alternate shade for fall in September for Northern Hemisphere players and March for Southern Hemisphere players. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fall marks the advent of Cheap Animal Crossing Items several seasonal DIY recipes and vacation-primarily based special events for Halloween and American Thanksgiving.
As inexperienced grass and bushes fade to yellow, then turn orange, then pink, the Ables Sisters Tailor Shop starts offevolved to carry more warm-weather clothes and Nook's Cranny shifts from wearing rotating fans and air conditioning gadgets to wearing old school radiators or even space heaters. Meanwhile, players can gather the Tree's Bounty DIY set and craft the usage of acorns and pinecones which are shaken from timber. These are to be had for about three months in both hemispheres.
In November for Northern Hemisphere gamers and May for Southern Hemisphere players, mushrooms will sprout close to trees all around the island. Collecting them daily will permit players to craft unique mushroom furnishings, in addition to a mushroom umbrella and a mushroom wand.
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