30 Migliori Rocket League Per Ps4 Testato e Qualificato

GWU A, the No. 1 seed in the GW section, procured a bye in the quarterfinals and promptly progressed to the elimination rounds. It went head to head with No. 5-cultivated JHZ, which upset the No. 4-cultivated Chris Gang with three straight game dominates RL Prices. In a best of five match, GWU A blanked JHZ 3–0 and charged ahead to the finals. 
In the last matchup for a $600 prize to be part uniformly between the group's three individuals, GWU A kept its hot hand, crushing GWU B in a 4–0 completion www.lolga.com. GWU B didn't leave the school-wide competition with next to nothing. 
05:30 , 07-11-2020 Tarihinde

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