I remember a moose or/and Grey wolf which was a jerk

I remember a moose or/and Grey wolf which was a jerk, but after a while I began to Animal Crossing Items just like him being a jerk, and the times he had been candy were special.

Depth of interactivity with all the villagers definitely needs a boost, however, the decoration can unquestionably be taken way further. I avoid producing massive ponds on my island by way of example since it's only space which becomes unusable; I would love to have the ability to swim in it as you can with the sea, or decorate it with pool toys, or even possess a bigger map which permits you to create little lakes that you may navigate by boat.

Additionally, there are a whole lot of items which are just disappointing due to how non-functional they're.

The arcades could have minigames. Pools and bathtubs could allow you to lounge in them like chairs. I want to be able to actually ride the teacups or even go in the phonebooth.

I love that now you can freely decorate your island/village, it is a great development for the show that I think is underappreciated by some people who just appear to complaint about the game, but it really has highlighted exactly how shallow the match's items are.

The great news for those developers is that they have a solid foundation, they simply need to place a lot of work into creating it deeper.

Shoutout to them completely destroying events. You know how in the past there would be buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items an event NPC and you would do little quests for them and get things in return?
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