If anybody knows how I could figure out how to pay

Tired Of Trying to Locate a Way To Pay

Hello! After spending hour trying to Best OSRS Gold site pay a membership for my sister, I am tired. I wished to buy a membership for my sis with he same accounts, however a message popped up, saying I could not buy 2 memberships in the exact same time, even if my account would not be confirmed. I followed every step to confirm my account, but I got a message that I couldn't confirm my account. I attempted over 10 times, then I called my father, ansd he tried many occasions, and it didn't work.

Problem 3: Country related payments. Luxembourg has, except Paypal and Credit Card (I can not cover per Credit Card, as my father does not need ), nothing to cover a membership. :-RRB- In Germany, you are able to pay by phone and sms. I already had this difficulty in every match I played during my whole life. In 99 percent of the games,, I could never purchase anything as a result of my nation. As many people in Luxembourg play RuneScape, I thought you could pay by phone, but NO.

Problem 4: Game titles. Jagex claims to have Game Cards in their shops, with that you get a subscription code. I moved into the US shop (Europe store is closed). There weren't any game cards!!!

If anybody knows how I could figure out how to pay, tell me. UltimateGameCard is not available here also! . .And, together with the communication portal site restored, Azzanadra could speak to Zaros again!" "Ultimately, the order shifts towards equilibrium once again. You understand of course that Zamorak is merely a pretender-god. To get a mortal to presume such power is really not good for balance." So, the new pursuit,"The Temple at Senntisten" is outside, the following in the Mahjarrat storyline. And with it, guess who's back? But, what are his true intentions? How does he need to come back? Zamorak, through a series of events, managed to acquire the Staff of Armadyl - the weapon which Zaros sought to himself so that he would be stronger then anything, because of it, even being the strongest of the gods in the moment, couldn't stand the combined might of all gods - and used it to banish Zaros to a different plane, and to obtain part of buy RuneScape gold' power to himself - thus turning into a god. For more information on this, you ought to do the Curse of Zaros (AKA Ghostly Robes) miniquest.
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