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They did so with NBA 2K21 MT back when the PS4 and Xbox One dropped, this was certainly expected, the only difference is that they've been copying pasting these previous 3 names, next gen has to reveal out whenever they charging $70 with this btw.I don't get"but the match never stopped". . .it ceased for months.Y'all niggas expected a completely new adventure? I can inform y’all new to the series lmaoo.

I mean. . I don' t know what are you. It's pretty plausible that 2k will devote all their efforts into more profitable and more possible next gen version. PC has always been like a kind that they don't care about.

Another thing - what exactly do you desire? I think game has improved immensely during the years and we're coming to the point where it's difficult to make big updates on such as current gen. It's a baseball game. You can't think of something completely new.

The cost - yes it is too high. They understand they dont have competition so they are covetous and price is high at least in the start. My suggestion would be to await a few months because purchasing it today would literally not even offer you fresh rosters, lol. Wait till nba draft and buy it. There are often discounts which make it reasonable.And that our dumbasses still buy it every year.

I believe everyone's been saying and agreeing that current gen 2k21 will be a copy & paste match. If you expect more than a feature set update, you're out of your mind. They are in the company of earning money and are going to want to help consoles.

2k could've literally made this the trailer and nobody could think it's 2k21

I feel like with this game they went extra idle, just like they put the effort to copy and paste the exact same shit.People are so compact, this is the way it is when you have a next gen version coming lol, anybody who did not realize this, that's on them.It's 2020 and you're all whining about a sports match being the same?They want to charge another $60 for a patch.That's a valid problem no matter what year it is.Still goin to play with it till I get bored.Looks pretty much the like Buy NBA 2K Coins.
05:58 , 02-09-2020 Tarihinde

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