I concur. or simply create the lineup

In Season Mode in MyLEAGUE, possess the ability to set non-user team's rosters (i.e. starting lineups and minutes). Remove that somebody with a position has to NBA 2K21 MT Coins play with that position in the starting lineup. I enjoy playing season mode because I love to make my season realistic about the NBA season as possible. I begin my season so that I can complete real NBA trades as they occur about a month or 2 after the season begins. I completed all of the trade deadline prices in my season and the Rockets keep insisting on beginning Tyson Chandler at heart because he is the true center remaining on the team.

I have tried creating the Rockets an individual team and I've gone to the coaching plan and changed the lineup to PJ Tucker starting at center and gave Chandler really low minutes. After the Rockets change back into a CPU group, the lineup resets back into the original lineup. I've also tried changing Tucker's primary position to centre but his score drastically goes down (I think a 77 to a 73). So I'd love an option which allows you to adjust other group's lineups and possibly eliminate the idea that you have to have a beginning player with that specific position just have the ability to get started.

I concur. or simply create the lineup logic much more elastic. There aren't five places in basketball and lineups are one of the only ways. It would be cool to find the bad coaches have weirder lineups that create mismatches, etc. NBA 2K21 is currently so smart and complicated, but the CPU in 2K20 can be defeated now by simply putting more considerate lineups out on the court.

Repair contracts and introduce contracts. From the league, players are always willing to accept these types of contracts just to play in the league and have a shooter, but in Cheap MT NBA 2K21 literally one in a hundred take them. They should be an option to become more reflective of the NBA. Idk how they'd take action, but some type of sign and commerce implementation. It would be hard to perform, but this was huge in the season
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